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the task water is responsible for in the body. It also has the vitality and energy to promote optimum wellness and longevity.
It has the quality of a pure, fresh, healthy spring - the kind of spring that used to exist in the mountains 100 years ago. It has been developed out of 50 years of productions and R&D experience. More info
Now you have the possibility to integrate your own healthy spring into the kitchen and thereby provide your whole family with pure, healthy water.
The PowerWater Technology enhances tap water to the purest, most biologically-valuable drinking water.
PowerWater has the absorption capacity and purity necessary to do 
Regular drinking of Power Water can bring alot of advantages for your well-being:
  There is a difference!

      You can taste the difference!
      You can see the difference in an eye-opening test
      You can test a PowerWaterSystem
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Power Water Systems produced in Germany, are the new generation of healthy water sources for your home and your office. Not only is PowerWater pure and unsaturated water, it is full of energy because its healthy crystalline structure has been returned. It is even rich in natural oxygen.
Ideal drinking water could be defined as:

-  "alive" & full of energy - healthy crystal structure
-  unsaturated - pure, clean
-  having a good pH value
-  full of natural oxygen
The PowerWaterSystem has 8 processing steps, combining top-quality deep-clean filters, highly-efficient coal filters, a  high-performance molecular level membrane, a light remineralisation, just like in nature and very significantly, the  reproduction of
the natural crystalline hexagonal structure
of the water (=living water). Add to this a power-swirler which expands the inner surface of the H2O molecules. This brings better penetration of the smallest capillaries and so the cells can more easily discharge their metabolic waste. Air also enters into the water which brings more natural oxygen. More info
People who drink PowerWater have something in common: they find it easy and pleasurable to drink a lot of it - no need to push themselves for the so necessary 2-3 litres a day.
Just naturally - they want it and they drink it. And their bodies say "thank you".
This is ideal healthy water from your tap!
This is ideal healthy water from your tap!
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INTERVIEW with an expert on IDEAL water!

Dr. Desanka Petricevic-Riedl, Germany
A Power Water System is beyond a water filter or water purification system.
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